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At Kellinsilver.com we have a passion for beautiful jewelry quality craftsmanship, and better business practices. Kellinsilver’s designs are fashionably fresh and contemporary, yet are never eclipsed by the trend of the moment. With a signature style and edge that is unmistakable, many of the pieces can be worn every day, day or night, and make a powerful statement of individuality without compromising femininity.

Handcrafted artistry, careful finishing, and thoughtful function are just part of the high standards of quality infused in all our jewelry. From the premium material selected, each piece is of the utmost quality built upon years of a tradition of excellence.

Kellinsilver features solid 925 sterling silver or with nature gemstone, swarovski & signity, cubic zirconia, freshwater pearl, shell pearl, diamond and more. We are offering a wide variety of 925 sterling silver jewelry and fashion & costume jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings including handcrafted jewelry. Swarovski and Rose gold jewelry is our best theme.

The company is based in South Korea.

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