Black Disc Blue Diamond Necklace Sterling Silver

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You’ve found it! This will be your favorite necklace to wear at all times!

There is a little 0.008ct round brilliant cut blue diamond set inside the silver disc. Scratched wavy disc is finished with a matte look which makes the diamond sparkle even more! Chain and clasp in 925 sterling silver with 14k white gold vermeil.. Wavy disc features oxidixed sterling silver.

This necklace feature :

* blue diamond necklace
* stamped 925 on sterling silver clasp
* stone : blue diamond (treated)
* carat : 0.008ct ( 1.2mm)
* cut : round brilliant
* disc pendant size : approx. 10mm diameter
* length : 41cm long
* chain and clasp in white gold vermeil over 925 sterling silver
* disc feature black rhodium filled over brass
* april birthstone : diamond

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