Handcrafted Onyx Bead Necklace with CZ Silver Charm

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This necklace features :

* onyx bead necklace
* stamped 925 on sterling silver clasp
* stone : onyx, cubic zirconia
* colors : black
* approx. w 2mm * h 4mm faced onyx bead
* silver charm meatures 8mm diameter
* length : 42 cm long
* charm and clasp in white gold vermeil over 925 sterling silver
* February birthstone
* Zodiac sign of Leo birthstone
* handmade jewelry

February Alternate Birthstone: Onyx

The black onyx is not only the alternate birthstone for the month of February, but is also the known gem for a couple’s tenth wedding anniversary. Plenty of lore surrounds the onyx, as it has been known to have a positive effect on the wearer’s bad habits. It is also said that the onyx carries with it the power to organize a chaotic life, as well as bringing focus and concentration to a mind that is scattershot and forgetful. But it is the black pearlescent color of the gem itself that draws many to wear it as jewelry. Few are the truly black gemstones, and onyx takes up the mantle of this dark color with aplomb.

July 23-Aug. 22 is the Zodiac sign of Leo. The stone that is designated for this zodiac sign is Onyx.

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