Chinese Character Word Buddha Necklace Sterling Silver

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This is the essence of the Buddha or Buddhism. Depending on context, this word and character can be used to refer to the religion and lifestyle of Buddhism, or in some cases, the Buddha himself.

It is interesting to note that this word is separate from all others in the Chinese language. The sound of "fo" has only this meaning. This is in contrast to many sounds in the Chinese language which can have one of four tones, and more than 20 possible characters and meanings. This language anomaly shows just how significant Buddhism has affected China since the ancient times.

This character is also used with the same meaning in Korean Hanja. It’s used in the very religious context of Buddhism in Japan. It should be noted that there are two forms of this Kanji in use in Japan – this is the more formal/ancient version, but it’s rarely seen outside of religious artwork, and may not be recognized by all Japanese people.

It also acts as a suffix or first syllable for many Buddhist-related words in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This necklace feature:

* chinese character word buddha necklace
* stamped 925 on clasp
* 佛 pendant measure w 7mm * h 13mm
* length: 41 cm ( approx. 16 inch)
* white gold vermeil over 925 sterling silver

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